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Job description

The North Star is looking for smart, compassionate, motivated writers with a strong interest in social justice to join our writing team. This individual can not only identify hypocrisy and cases of abuse and inequality but is comfortable calling it out and providing solutions in a smart and detailed way.

They can write breaking news as well as longer more thought-out opinion pieces on race, injustice, police brutality, politics as well as on the heroes in the struggle from yesterday and today. The North Star isn’t just interested in pointing out injustice, but acknowledging the people making a difference and telling their stories as well.

If you see yourself as someone with a passion for speaking truth to power and is ready to roll up your sleeves and get involved in what’s going on, we want to talk with you.

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Report and write daily breaking news stories as well as in-depth long-form pieces that examine the many ways people of color experience injustice in America and around the world
  • Contribute original story ideas and present unique ways to approach them
  • Utilize innovative reporting and research techniques to include clear action steps in stories readers can take to fight injustice
  • Identify the heroes in the fight against injustice and produce feature pieces on how they got involved and how they’re making a difference
  • Pitch & research topics for one of the nation’s leading news/analysis podcasts
  • Promote stories via social media in creative and effective ways
  • Willingness to appear on video to discuss articles and breaking news
  • Collaborate across departments to strategically coordinate reporting across multi-media platforms
  • Participate in TNS staff programming e.g. Staff meetings, content meetings, special events

Skills & Experience

  • At least 2-3 years experience working and reporting in a newsroom setting writing for a news site, newspaper or magazine and strong journalistic skills
  • A keen curiosity and innovative approach that questions everything and searches for answers
  • Ability to work in a collaborative setting and thrives there
  • Strong social media chops
  • Any experience with television writing is valued
  • Comfort using Wordpress and Photoshop is a plus

Culture Fit

At The North Star, we seek to build a community of employees with high emotional intelligence who work well with others and thrive in collaborative spaces. In order to support our mission of collective activism through media and journalism, we seek diverse individuals who understand that difference strengthens ideas and supports a healthy team dynamic. Successful employees at The North Star (TNS) will:

  • Practice self-awareness by challenging their assumptions and asking where they are positioned in all aspects of their identity-particularly in times of difficulty
  • Embrace the complexity of their work and view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth
  • Focus on the human value of each TNS employee, customer, and stakeholder by always considering how your decisions will empower or disenfranchise the causes we serve and the people we work with
  • Seek collaboration asking “how might WE” when finding solutions
  • Build relational trust with other TNS staff by honoring the stories, experiences, and emotions people share and seeking to understand before being understood
  • Bias toward experimentation recognizing that successful leaders balance quick action with thoughtful reflection, and view mistakes as opportunities to learn more
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