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Nerea Cierco (DDB Spain) & Carla Alonso Cancellara (DM9DDB)

Elizabeth Marks talk with Nerea Cierco (DDB Spain) & Carla Alonso Cancellara (DM9DDB) about their careers and about the the Phyllis Project and mentoring women in the creative industry.

Nerea Cierco is Creative Director at DDB Spain. She has made most of her career at DDB and is part of the DDB Transformation Digital team. Carla Alonso Cancellara is Senior Copywriter at DM9DDB in Brazil. They are both part of the 12 women chosen within the Phyllis Project inside DDB network to empower creative women.

To know more about them, look at their talent profiles below:

Nerea Cierco
Executive Creative Director DDB Madrid
Carla Cancellara
Senior creative copywriter DM9DDB



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