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811 W. 7th St,, Level 12
Los Angeles
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Sunlight Media, LLC

811 W. 7th St,, Level 12
Los Angeles
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March 18, 2020

Brand extensions is a great marketing strategy for companies to become more innovative. Staying ahead of the game in regards to developing new business trends means staying ahead of the competition. The marketing trend boosts business and engages the consumer. Companies research the market … leer más

March 12, 2020

With over one million users worldwide, Shopify shows that it can accommodate any type of business — whether it’s a small online store or giant online retail. And one of the reasons why the platform has become a hub for most ecommerce businesses is the Shopify marketing apps. The … leer más

February 26, 2020

Whether you’ve been running pay per click campaigns for several years or you’re brand new to the game, you’ve undoubtedly come across what’s known in the industry as “invalid clicks.” This term refers specifically to Google Ads campaigns, however, the un… leer más

February 10, 2020

Web design is a combination of several different aspects that can help you engage more customers. Most sites includes content production, webpage layout, and graphic design. You can design websites using a markup language called Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. The HTML tags define the con… leer más

January 7, 2020

Social influencer marketing is a relatively new trend, but it has taken the digital marketing industry by storm due to a greater return on investment compared to other social media marketing channels. Here is what you’ll learn: What is Social Influencer Marketing Is Influencer Marketin… leer más