Russia for Sale! In support of Ukraine

An online initiative that sells Russian territories for good.


Tbilisi, Georgia
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“Russia for Sale” is an initiative created with the sole purpose of supporting Ukrainians in the endeavor of rebuilding their legendary country. The project sells Russian territories piece by piece, transferring 100% of the proceeds to the beneficiary organization of this project, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

As an answer to Russian imperialist aggression, this campaign gives people the unique opportunity to claim Russian lands in the form of an NFT and in this way donate to Ukraine. “Putin is known for grabbing other countries’ lands and so, let’s give him the taste of his own medicine. ” - says the copy on the project's website.

Each unique piece has its name of origin, size of the land, and a strangely authentic coat of arms. The NFTs has launched on the 9th of April, 2022, and are now available here where users have the chance to pick and choose from around 2500 Russian regions categorized as small (0.05 ETH), medium (0.18 ETH), large (0.85 ETH) and extra-large lands (1.68 ETH), and big cities (4 ETH). 



The Ukraine Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov took to Twitter to tweet about “Russia For Sale” and minutes after the launch the first item - Grozny region - was sold. With the efforts of thousands of purchasers, this project has the potential to last as long as needed to raise funds for Ukraine.

The masterminds behind the idea and execution of this project are from Creative Digital Agency Leavingstone, based in Tbilisi, Georgia. 150+ international awards including Cannes Lions, Webby, Eurobest. Global clients include Siemens, Fox Network, Netflix, World Health Organization, VISA. Leavingstone holds the title of the Best Agency in Georgian, Ukrainian, and Latvian ad festivals. 

“We’re a group of individuals who share deep concerns about the tragic events that are unfolding in Ukraine. We have a strong connection to the people and the culture of Ukraine. They are currently defending themselves against the most atrocious evil regime known to mankind, the Russian Federation. Our country is no stranger to Russia’s brutality. Their military aggressions on Georgia in 1992 and 2008 had a significant impact on every single one of our members, who first hand saw how destructive the Russian invasion can be.”

“I believe in ideas, in innovative projects like ours that can truly help people. It can also serve as an inspiration for other individuals so they could also contribute in any way possible to support Ukraine in these devastating times. Strength is in unity.” - Levan Lepsveridze, Co-founder & Creative Chairmen at Leavingstone. 


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