Tel Aviv, Israel
TítuloReality Billboard
Campaña Reality Billboard - Yellow Pages
Anunciante Yellow Pages
Marca Yellow Pages
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Sector Empresarial Páginas amarillas y directorios
Filosofía Now it is time to challenge the billboard format and turn it into a Reality Billboard: The ultimate entertainment experience.
The 2 reality giants:
· Eliraz Sadeh, winner of "The Big Brother" show
· Natan Bashevkin, winner of "Survivor"
will compete against each other for the title "The Billboard Master" inside a specially constructed giant billboard.

Each contender will be allocated one half of the billboard and a partition will separate the two compartments. As one of them gains more points the partition will slide over and shrink the other contender's compartment. The audience on the scene and at home will be able to aid their favorite contender by voting and helping him using the different Yellow Pages interfaces.
Problema How do you create the ultimate reality?
You take the winners of the 2 top rated reality shows in the country and set them against each other. Inside a billboard.
A new reality game format is born featuring the winners of the reality shows "The Big Brother" & "Survivor" who will compete against each other while living inside a giant Yellow Pages Billboard
The 1 million $ event, created by Shalmor Avnon Amichay/ Y&R Interactive, kicked off this morning and is the latest in a long line of the famous Yellow Pages outdoor campaigns which have been running for years, winning awards in festivals all over the world.
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