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rua 1º de maio 15, 8000 411, Faro
Teléfono: (+351) 35 1 913535549

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Algarve Film Commission

rua 1º de maio 15, 8000 411, Faro
Teléfono: (+351) 35 1 913535549

Jacques Mer Mer

Teléfono: (+351) 35 1 913535549

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About Algarve Film Commission

he Algarve, the most southern region of Portugal, is one of the most attractive areas in the Mediterranean, due to the mild weather that feels all year, the variety and beauty of its sites and landscapes, as well as its history and culture. The Region is the result of a fusion of cultures of all civilizations (Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, barbarians, etc.) that inhabited it throughout history. Has the best climate in Europe, with a short period of rain and many hours of sunshine (perhaps the most hours in Europe).
Due to its geographical position, the Algarve's climate is influenced by the European continent by the North Africa, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. The maximum temperatures vary during the year between 15 ° C and 35 ° C and the temperature never drops below zero in winter. This is one reason why tourists from northern European countries are increasingly looking to the Algarve, where you can enjoy many hours of sunshine. FILMING OF BENEFITS IN ALGARVE

The Algarve FILM COMMISSION invites all producers of Cinema and Audiovisual to enjoy the region, the perfect place to film their productions. 1. GREATER NUMBER OF HOURS OF DAYLIGHT increases the productivity of the shooting; 2. CLIMATE MODERATE all year; 3. INFRASTRUCTURE MODERN: International Airport, highways, telecommunications, energy, etc; 4. MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY internationally minded; 5. DIVERSITY SCENARIOS from the beach, mountains, historical heritage, natural parks, exotic landscapes, etc; 6. TOURISM INDUSTRY internationally recognized; 


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