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Corea del Sur

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Compass Productions

Corea del Sur

Tony Choi

Teléfono: (+82) 61 3 9329 9577

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About Compass Productions

Compass Production is a well-established international production company based in Australia. For over 20 years we have been providing services to reputable clients for TVC and photography. We provide the highest of quality services to assure client satisfaction for every component of the production process. Starting from location scouting all the way to individual needs in production. Background Tony Choi, founder and CEO, along with his determined crew, have gained international experience for many years and strive only for one goal, "making it work". We have an extensive knowledge of countries and ideal shooting locations gained only through experience such as; AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and USA, just to name a few. Our Work COMPASS PRODUCTION has an impressive portfolio that includes international brands. We cover all filming genres ranging from food & beverage, telecommunications & technology, automobile, banking & finance and the list goes on. These projects have taken our expertise to the most breathtaking geological wonders, ranging from an automobile commercial in the California Desert, managing hundreds of extras in the middle of the Sydney CBD for a telecom company, and even aerial shooting over Milford Sound to capture the mountain and glacier scenery for a clothing brand. These are only a few examples of our past work and only scratch the surface of what we are capable of.


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