David Hayes
Digital Strategy at In The Company of Huskies
London, Reino Unido
Campaña Encounter
Anunciante Unilever
Marca Impulse
PostedAbril 2000
Sector Empresarial Perfumes y eaux de toilette
Lema Men can't help acting on Impulse.
Sinopsis A funky Impulse girl is walking sassily down Old Compton Street in Soho, all around are a mixed but predominantly gay crowd. Her clothes and attitude are urban. 2 men are walking down the same street hand in hand. They're obviously gay and they both are very handsome. One of the guys isn't really looking where he's going and bumps into the girl, sending her groceries flying. he apologises and bends down to help her pick up her groceries. They suddenly find temselves close to eatch other. He catches her scent in the eyebrow. It seems to be the begining of a mutual attraction.

We get the feeling they're both cool enough to have some fun just flirting.

The guys boyfriend looks down on the pair, he's smiling now, laughing at his friend's flirtation. They both stand up and the girl says thanks. The guy looks back and smiles cheekily at her.

The scene fades out and a can of Impulse appears. Along with the endline "Men can't help acting on Impulse.

Finally the girl walks off laugthing to heself.
Medio Televisión
Mercado Sudáfrica, América del Sud, Europe
Banda Sonora The Female of the Species
Director creativo
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico Christian Cotterill
Productor de la agencia
Director de fotografía
Actor /Celebridad
Productora Stark Films
Actor /Celebridad
Actor /Celebridad
Actor /Celebridad
Actor /Celebridad
Actor /Celebridad
Actor /Celebridad

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