Nicolas Bordas
Vice President at TBWA/EUROPE & DAN EUROPE, President of BEING Worldwide
Boulogne Billancourt, Francia
TítuloThe Ola
Título (Lengua original)La Ola
Campaña The Ola - Williams
Anunciante Sara Lee
Marca Williams
PostedDiciembre 1999
Producto Stick Deodorant
Producto (Lengua original) Gamme Sticks Déodorants Williams
Sector Empresarial Desodorantes
Lema Loves skin. Hates odours.
Lema (Lengua original) Aime la peau. Pas l'odeur.
Sinopsis The film is a travelling shot of a crowd which starts a wave in a big stadium. The camera follows the people who stands up, raises its arms and they sit down. But suddenly, the seats are empty. A dozen rows with no one. After a few seconds, we see a man, all by himself. He stands up, raises his arms, shouts and then sits down. Then again, we see empty rows with no one seated. After a dozen of them, the crowd is back continuing the wave started before. Need a good deodorant? The packshot of the new Williams deodorant appears.
Sinopsis (Lengua original) Lors d'une Ola dans un stade, le travelling montre l'absence de foule autour d'un homme
Filosofía (Lengua original) Prendre le contre-pied des caricatures d'homme établies par les communications concurrentes (the perfect man / the modern man)
Problema (Lengua original) Comment replacer dans un contexte décalé et humoristique la notion d'odeur corporelle sans dévaloriser le client Williams
Medio Televisión
Mercado Francia
Director creativo
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Productor de la agencia
Supervisor depublicidad
Supervisor depublicidad
Supervisor depublicidad
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Productor de la agencia

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