Lucie Georgeson
Freelance TV Producer at adam&eveDDB
London, Reino Unido
Campaña Sowa - Energizer
Anunciante Energizer Holdings, Inc.
Marca Intelligent batteries
PostedJunio 2000
Producto Intelligent batteries
Sector Empresarial Baterías (excepto baterías de coche), bombillas
Lema A more intelligent use of energy
Sinopsis The animation begins deep in a forest where the sound of woodpeckers pecking can be clearly heard. As the "camera" pans into the wood, an additional sound can be heard over the tapping, the soung of a drill. Zooming in on one particular bird, we notice that instead of using his beak, he is drilling holes into the wood. The voiceover says"Energizer - a more intelligent use of energy"
Filosofía This campaign, inspired by the art of Michael Sowa, illustrates this "intelligent" use of energy by using examples of various animals. The creatures are going about their everyday activities but in a way that makes the best use of their energy. In this commercial, the woodpecker is making holes as he would normally, but is using a drill.
Problema Battery advertising has traditionally concentrated upon the message of "lasting longer" and this is now largely ignored by consumers. Because this product uses the precise amount of energy for every appliance in which it is used, it can be said to use energy intelligently.
Medio Televisión
Mercado Reino Unido
Director creativo
Director creativo adjunto
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Productor de la agencia
Empresa de creación sonora

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