Álvaro Rodrigues
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Creative Officer at Fullpack Comunicação
São Paulo, Brasil
TítuloHidden Messages
Campaña Hidden Messages
Anunciante Instituto Maria da Penha
Marca Instituto Maria da Penha
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Concienciación social sobre la discriminación racial / étnica / los discapacitados
Lema An idea that transformed Instagram usernames into messages to fight prejudice.
Sinopsis One in every 10 women in the world have suffered from some kind of violence, according to the World Health Organization. In Brazil, a survey has shown that 58.5% of Brazilians believe that the blame for the violence falls on the way women dress (source: IPEA).
To make men think again about their behavior and show women that they are the owners of their own bodies, Africa created a project on Instagram for Maria da Penha Institute (the main NGO defending women's rights in Brazil).
Brazilian celebrities and bloggers were invited to join the cause. Each photo posted by them tagged users who were created that, together, formed a message against violence. 
Medio Redes Sociales
Responsable de la creación
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director creativo
Director creativo
Director creativo adjunto
Director creativo adjunto
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Director artístico
Director artístico
Projects Creative Director

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