Alvin Teoh

Alvin Teoh

ECD at Naga DDB Tribal
Petaling Jaya, Malasia


It feels like forever, but I am still new at this job. I've been ECD for about 4 years and feel I need another 200 more to fully understand what the heck I am doing. I like the work, can't say I love the job. Been working on an array of Brands from Telco to Paint, from Insurance to Cable TV. Had experience doing work for Banks, Tourism, Milk, Herbal Medicine, Automobile, and must I list it all here?

Also started a social collective called Kita Kawan Mah to play a role in addressing the rise of racism in this country by promoting inter-racial friendship and dialogue. Apart from that, there is also a Project I See, an annual event where we harness the power of the arts community to help the public understand obscure, misunderstood or abused communities like the migrant, refugee and indigenous peoples. We started this in 2013.

In all the work that I try to do, stripping away all the rocket science, I try to speak to the heart. I've never really believed in Brands speaking to Target Market. It's always heart to heart. Or person to person. Communication is personal. And while I believe in all that, I have to admit it's hardly ever easy to get to that level. We've had our hits and misses. More misses than hits to be honest. But still, it's a good place to start. And if we're consistent in this pursuit, we'll get there one day. While I am alive, hopefully.


Diploma in Graphic Design in MIA, Bachelor of Fine Art Degree, majoring in Advertising in AAC

1990 - 1991 (1 year)

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