Xavier Royaux
SVP Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald's France
Paris, Francia
TítuloCome Back As You Are
Título (Lengua original)(Re)venez comme vous êtes
Campaña Come Back As You Are
Anunciante McDonald's
Marca McDonald's
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Restaurantes y comida rápida
Sinopsis On June 14th, President Emmanuel Macron announced that all the French cafés, restaurants and bars were able to fully reopen. After the 11-week coronavirus lockdown, it’s time to celebrate the new season of the French national sport: going out, and enjoy a cup of black coffee, a glass of rosé, or… a Big Mac. Cause yes, of course French people love ratatouille. But the country is also the second most profitable McDonald’s market in the world. Every day, the brand serves up 2 million meals, in more than 1400 restaurants. So, you can imagine how many stories happened there. And how many stories will happen at reopening. To celebrate this big time, McDonald’s and DDB Paris came up with a 60’ film, broadcasted on national TV, right after President Macron’s speech. The film happens in an empty McDonald’s restaurant, right before its opening to the public. A voice-over starts speaking. His first words: ‘Here, very soon’. Like ‘Here, very soon, all these people will come back here, meet again after 3 months, have fun again, and of course enjoy Big Macs again.’ It ends up with the famous McDonald’s signature ‘Come as you are’, which became a special: ‘Come back as you are’.
Medio Televisión
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director creativo
Concepción / Redacción
Concepción / Redacción
Account Management
Account Management
Account Management
Account Management
Director de publicidad
Director de publicidad
Director de publicidad
Director de producción
Productor de la productora
Compositor de música
Productor de sonido
Social Media Manager

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