Michael Ritchie

Michael Ritchie

Managing Director/Owner-Partner at Revolver/Will O_Rourke
Sydney, Australia


Michael began his career in agencies, including Head of Broadcast at Ogilvy in Sydney, then a more regional gig at DDB HK. From there, he moved into the production side and in 1999 saw his most successful collaboration when he joined and later became partner with Steve Rogers at Revolver. Revolver/Will O’Rourke, an Australian based production company, is known for its commitment to produce work that people seem to remember and hopefully like.

Michael stated, “Being asked to be President of the LIA Production & Post Production and Music Video Jury is truly a privilege. I have got to the point where I just don’t want to justify why craft is essential in our industry. I think it’s intrinsic to every single human in this world that they will respond to something made with care and craft far more than something that is not. It’s that simple. I can’t wait to see the work that is entered and for the good stuff to rise to the top.”


Managing Director/owner/partner
March 2010 - Presente (9 years 10 months)
Will O'Rourke is the sister company to Revolver and combines world-class production skills with access to the best creative talent in Australia across multiple artistic disciplines. Its aim is to make extraordinary ideas and projects a reality - whether an art installation, the construction of a branded venue, a live event or something which combines film with other innovation - Will O'Rourke has been specifically established to make it happen.
Managing Director/Owner-Partner
Auckland, Nueva Zelanda
1999 - Presente (21 years)
Revolver is a Production Company that is the sister (perhaps parent) company to Will O Rourke. Revolver Started in mid to late 90's by the well known director, Steve Rogers. As EP/MD, I became partner in the company with Steve. Hopefully Revolver's 15 year journey speaks for itself.
Sydney, Australia
1994 - 1999 (5 years)
Head of TV
1993 - 1994 (1 year)
Producteur exécutif
Revolver Films
Toronto, Canadá
Sydney, Australia
Producteur, maison de production
Chelsea Pictures
New York, Estados Unidos
Directeur de clientèle
Melbourne, Australia
Producteur, maison de production
Melbourne, Australia
Producteur exécutif
Redfern, Australia
Producteur exécutif
Sydney, Australia

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