Nick Worthington
Creative Chairman at Colenso BBDO Auckland
Auckland, Nueva Zelanda
TítuloThe Child Replacement Programme/Hard To Impress
Campaña The Child Replacement Programme
Anunciante Mars, Inc.
Marca Pedigree
Sinopsis Colenso BBDO Auckland has launched a humorously blunt campaign for Pedigree that matches abandoned dogs with abandoned parents. The Pedigree Child Replacement Programme encouraging parents to ‘move on’ when their kids move out and adopt a dog.
The TVC spots take a whimsical look at heartwarming moments in your past when you had your parents’ love and attention, and then snaps you out of the reverie by comedically reminding you that you’ve been replaced by a dog.
The videos drive you to a website, where you can enter the attributes of the child you are replacing in order to find a suitable dog. In the search, you can nominate if your child had long hair or short hair; was sociable or a hermit; active or lazy, and so on. At the end of the process, you’re given a suggested dog, such as ‘Echo’ who “will always be excited to see you and will never be accepted into an overseas university.” You can even replace the stuff your kids left in their room with new stuff for the dog.
Medio Televisión
Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
Brand Manager
Sound Designer
Media Agency
Director ejecutivo de creación
Creative Chairman
Director artístico
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Productor de la productora
Business Director
Planificador de cuentas
Director of Broadcast
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Group Business Director

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