Sam Cadman

Sam Cadman

Director at Rogue Films
New York, Estados Unidos


Sam has a knack of getting brilliant unexpected performances out of non-actors…
Majoring with a 1st Class Degree in Graphics from Middlesex University It wasn’t long before he sowed the seeds for what was about to become an international phenomena; Trigger Happy TV. 3 years spent perfecting anarchic guerrilla TV, that won him the Silver Rose D’Or, shifted a million DVD’s and was sold to over 50 countries.
He’s been awarded at Cannes, won Gold at the BTAA’s, and In 2004 he made his US debut with an anarchic campaign for Ikea whilst being honoured in both the ‘Talent/Performance’ and ‘Dialogue/Monologue’ categories at the AICP in New York (which means it’s kept in the permanent collection of MOMA) for his Sprint commercial ‘The Man’
Talking of which, Sam spends a lot of time in the US and there’s nothing that he doesn’t know about American food… He’s shot ads for all the best places (well all the ones that serve Cajun Fries, Chicken-ring Sliders and Biscuit Holes) – like McDonalds Burger King, Popeye’s and Hardees. His ‘A-Holes vs B-Holes’ spot was voted the funniest ad of the year by TV Viewers in the USA.
Sam is the Rogues, Rogue. No-one can walk faster or pack their whole life into one child-sized backpack when travelling, and don’t be fooled by the Amish beard. That’s been protected by the RSPB as a nesting site for rare birds. 
British-born director Sam Cadman began his career directing the popular renegade TV series “Trigger Happy TV”, with comedian Dom Joly. It marked the start of his renown as one of the industry’s top directors working with real people and hidden cameras. Cadman, who always pushes creative boundaries, took home a Silver PR Lion at Cannes last year for Virgin Atlantic’s “Upper Class Bench,” via Y&R New York. The experiential stunt took place in a pedestrian park near the Flatiron Building in New York, and was part live-performance and part-interactive experience featuring actors and real people. Another trademark hidden camera campaign is for Febreze (Grey NY), which garnered much media praise and won a Silver and Bronze Lion at Cannes in 2011.
Other standout work from Cadman includes his Nook campaign for Barnes and Noble with Jane Lynch, James Patterson and Danielle Steel; his campaign for Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite which shows that with the new Reader, people can read in any setting and feel like they’re sitting in their own living room; and his Hardees' Biscuit Holes campaign—"A vs. B" (holes)—which earned the Top Spot on TBS's "Funniest Commercials of the Year." The multi-platform Hardees campaign reflects Cadman's impeccable comedic timing and ability to move seamlessly between improvisational and scripted material.
Cadman has been recognized as a top performance director with scripted material, as well. His pointedly underplayed spot for Sprint, "The Man," was honored at AICP in both the "Talent/Performance" and "Dialogue/Monologue" categories. His popular “Cluster Bomb” spot for PlayStation’s “Dude, Get Your Own” campaign illustrates the irresistibleness of PlayStation via two men on a plane—one who has no choice but to acquiesce to the other’s oblivious enthusiasm about his PlayStation. And in Samsung’s subtly comedic “Rocket Surgeon,” Cadman casts a cocky alpha male (literally, a rocket surgeon), who we see impressing the ladies until he gets stumped trying to find a simple feature on a refrigerator. 

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