Matt Rose
Director técnico at CHE Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia
TítuloCarsales autoads
Campaña Carsales autoads
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Producto Online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business
Sector Empresarial Páginas de internet (excluyendo ISPs)
Sinopsis Australia’s gets advertizing. They know that shiny new car ads sell shiny new cars. So they decided to put this logic to the test with less shiny cars. Relying on a cloud based platform, hundreds of customizable video clips and user generated photos, the website created original “big budget” ads based on selling data. They promoted the videos online and even aired some on national TV. The result? Average sell time dropped by 3.5 days.
Sinopsis (Lengua original) SUMMARYCarsales’ AutoAds ensured anyone trying to sell their second-hand car via received a one-of-a-kind, expensive feeling car ad to help their sale. For free. It is a cloud-based, ad generating platform that uses car listing data to automatically create thousands upon thousands of unique, expensive feeling car is Australia’s largest online classifieds for second-hand cars . Their challenge? More competitors were entering the market and the only innovation in the category over the past 20 years was that you could now sell your car online.IDEAEnter carsales’ AutoAds. A platform that transforms the data of a static classified ad into a unique, expensive-feeling car commercial in no time, for free. Available for users to share with the world, to help sell their car faster.To make it work, AutoAds scraped the standard classified forms that sellers were filling out via a bespoke algorithm that automatically ingested their data into our video creation platform.The data informed over 5,000 audio and video clips. Every photo, odometer reading, name, and price variable was stored in a huge library, ready & waiting for our purpose-built tech to generate the next ad in real time.Sellers’s didn’t have to lift a finger – being served five options for their unique commercial – each playing off a classic theme.The AutoAds platform is capable of generating over 1.2 trillion possible combinations.IMPACT• A week in, over 435,215 AutoAds were generated.• AutoAds reduced the ‘time to sell’by 3.5 days.• In a country with a population of 24 million, we managed to reach 16.8 million people via earned (PR) and paid media (TV).• And among others, Carole Smith’s ad for her 2001 Toyota Corolla was beamed into a million lounge rooms across Australia.  It must be the most far reaching second-hand ad ever!
Medio Case Study
Responsable de la creación
Director del grupo de creación
Director creativo
Director creativo
Director creativo
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Director artístico Head of Digital Design
Productor de la agencia
Sound Engineer
Director técnico
Director técnico
Creative technologist
Productor digital
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Director de cuentas
Director de cuentas
Planificador de cuentas
Production Company Directors
Productor de la productora
Productor de la productora

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