Josy Paul
Chairman & CCO at BBO India
Mumbai, India
TítuloComparison Adds Pressure #ReleaseThePressure (1mn40)
Anunciante PepsiCo Inc.
Marca Mirinda
PostedNoviembre 2018
Sector Empresarial Bebidas gaseosas
Sinopsis In 2017, Mirinda raised the issue of parental pressure due to exams into the spotlight.A year later, we went deeper.We went beyond the issue and investigated the tools through which parents put pressure on their kids. The most potent and damaging tool was constant comparison of kids by parents, uncles and aunts.Well-meaning family members compared their kids to others to motivate them. But this comparison had a deep psychological impact on the kids. It caused loss of confidence and impacted their self-esteem.Mirinda decided to become the voice of Indian teens who were constantly being compared.And thus, was born -Comparison Adds Pressure #ReleaseThePressure.
Medio Web Film
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