Kevin Wilson
Productor at Framestore
New York, Estados Unidos
TítuloSaved My Life
Campaña Saved My Life
Anunciante Georgia Lottery Corporation
Marca Mega Millions
PostedDiciembre 2002
Sector Empresarial Lotería y juegos de azar
Sinopsis Fabio is hired as a pool boy by adoring fan whohas won big playing Georgia Lottery's Mega Millions game.
Filosofía The solution was to feature a celebrity in a series of spots (Fabio), to emphasize the fact that the potential winnings from the Mega Millions game are so huge that you could afford to hire a celebrity as your pool boy. The tone of the spot was lighthearted and fun, which is in keeping with the lottery's brand image that playing is big fun and big entertainment.
Problema The goal was to give Mega Millions a personality that separates it from all the other lottery games and would serve to be the first spot in a longstanding advertising campaign. We also wanted to emphasize that Mega Millions will have even bigger jackpots than The Big Game and be Georgia's biggest game ever.
Medio Televisión
Mercado Estados Unidos
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director artístico
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Productor de la agencia
Director de cuentas
Actor /Celebridad

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