Yvan Attal

Yvan Attal

Director at Wanda Paris
La Plaine Saint Denis, Francia


Director, screenwriter, actor, Yvan Attal is a figure of French cinema and a real jack of all trades when it comes to the silver screen.
He made his name with a prolific acting career, working for some of the greatest directors in French cinema: Jérôme Salle for Anthony Zimmer, Cédric Kahn for Les Regrets, Lucas Belvaux for Rapt and many others, internationally he worked with Sydney Pollack for The Interpreter and Steven Spielberg for Munich.
Yvan crossed over behind the camera by writing and directing two films starring his wife Charlotte Gainsbourg: My Wife Is An Actress (2001) and They Lived Happily Ever After (2003) and two short films in NY I Love You.
Very comfortable directing actors, Yvan is also inspired by the great American directors of the 70’s such as Cassavetes or Pollack in creating his intimate, story driven, atmospheric comedies. He made his first foray into advertising with a film for French sports daily L’Equipe with DDB Paris. 


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