Reiner Hebe
Responsable de conceptos / redactor at Hebe Werbung & Design
Leonberg, Alemania
TítuloThe Workaholic
Campaña The Workaholic
Anunciante Nord-West-Ring
Marca Nord-West-Ring
PostedDiciembre 1999
Producto Fashion/Shoes
Sector Empresarial Calzado
Sinopsis The head of a company sits at his desk, his attention riveted to his work. He can't concentrate as he si constantly interrupted by the loud footsteps of his employees. In desperation he clutches a piece of paper and crumples it. Nothing seems to work. When peace and quiet finally ensue, a woman's face suddenly appears in the mirror on his desk. A female employee brings him a new set of fules, but he hasn't heard her enter the office at all. She leaves the office. Flabbergasted, he looks at her..then looks at her shoes. In the meantime his tie has sunk in to his coffee cup. He heans too far forward over his desk, slips off his chair and falls to the floor, taking everything on the desk with him.
Medio Cine
Mercado Alemania
Director creativo
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Productor de la agencia

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