tomas jonsgarden
Director at Bacon
Stockholm, Suecia
TítuloLidl Manifesto
Título (Lengua original)Dream shopper
Campaña Lidl Manifesto
Anunciante Lidl
Marca Lidl
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Grandes almacenes, supermercados
Sinopsis Synopsis: Being a non native grocery store in Sweden has its challanges. Yet Lidl wants to show why being different is not so bad after all. In this dream like spot a man is picking up groceries through out Sweden with his shopping cart - or was he actually in a Lidl store the whole time daydreaming?
Filosofía Lidl Swedens new communication concept goes all in on the notion that Lidl is not like the others – and that it's exactly this oddness that makes them so good. The message is delivered with a tongue-in-cheek movie that captures a family man day-dreaming away in a Lidl store.
Problema People in Sweden look at Lidl as the odd one out, and rightfully so. Lidl differs quite a bit from their Swedish counterparts with an own set of quality food brands, a surprisingly wide (and sometimes even bizarre) range of products, and a price level far below the average.
Resultado Lidl stores all over Sweden are nowadays always filled with satisfied Swedes shopping groceries.
Medio Televisión
Banda Sonora 1990 - Melodier med krökta ryggar
Más información
Director artístico
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director de cuentas
Planificador estratégico
Planificador estratégico
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Aerial Videography
Jefe de decorados

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