Jack Hutchings

Jack Hutchings

Montador at @radical.media
Melbourne, Australia


jack cut his first short film cracker bag, written and directed by glendyn ivin in 2003. the film won the highest honour; the palme d?or, in 2003 at one of the most prestigious festivals in the world, the cannes film festival. in addition to the wide audiences cracker cag also garnered jack a nomination for best editing at the australian film institute awards. adding to jack?s cannes success in 2003, his next short film nature's way (directed by jane shearer) was selected to premiere at the 2006 cannes film festival. this film won the jury prize for best short film at the 2007 paris film festival, and also won best short film at the new zealand film awards. in april 2008 jack?s third consecutive short film jerrycan, directed by julius avery, was again selected for in-competiton screening at cannes. this marked a trifecta of short films edited by jack to compete in this esteemed film arena. jerrycan went on to win the short film jury prize at the festival. jack has been editing for a decade and besides working on short films cuts television commercials working from melbourne, sydney, auckland, london and the usa.
many of the commercials jack has edited have won awards around the globe including and gold and titanium lion?s at the cannes lions in france, gold madc?s in australia, silver clio?s in the usa, and awards at the d&ad?s and british advertising awards in the uk. a commercial for boots pharmacies, directed by garth davis, has been included in the permanent collection of film at moma, the museum of modern art in new york.
in 2006 jack took up representation for working in the uk and the usa through the whitehouse, a leading post house in those countries. for a base back home in melbourne, jack has created ?the butchery? ~ a boutique environment in a large victorian house solely dedicated to the craft of editing film.



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