Seb Edwards

Seb Edwards

Director at Academy Films
La Plaine Saint Denis, Francia


British Director Seb Edwards studied Fine Arts at the University of Leeds, where he developed a particular taste for video art. After several notable installations, Seb was naturally inclined to begin directing short films.
In 2000, he entered New York University's Film School before deciding to return to London. He launched his career in advertising – in particular, campaigns for Sony, HSBC, Vodafone, AT&T and COI for which he won a Cannes Gold Lion in 2009.
From his art school days, he retains a sharp aesthetic style, from his New York film training, a strong American Indie spirit, these experiences come together in modern, realistic films with a strong visual impact. 



Edwards’ emergence as a leading commercials director marks the culmination of a 180-degree career transition from time in front of the camera as the star of Hope and Glory, John Boorman’s Oscar®-nominated 1987 film about a child’s adventures during the London blitz. Years later, Edwards began developing his directorial eye as a Fine Arts student at Leeds University in the U.K., where painting soon gave way to video installations. His first short film gained him admittance into New York University’s prestigious MFA film program.
During his time in New York, Edwards supplemented his fine arts background with dedicated American film study, developing a storytelling style that meshes striking visuals with a strong emotional pull. Upon returning to the U.K. post-graduation, he worked his way up through the production ranks from runner to directing spots for Home (formerly Brave Films) in just a few short years. During this time, he directed spots for GLA (Euro RSCG London), Nokia N-Gage (Grey Worldwide) and a Sony Playstation “Time Crisis 3” spot, for which he won first prize at the Cannes cfp-e/shots Young Directors Awards.
Edwards has now directed multiple award-winning campaigns for top brands including HSBC, AT&T, VW and Vodafone. His commercial work has earned multiple BTAA Awards and Gold Cannes Lions. His 2012 Nike campaign, “Find Your Greatness,” including the :60 “Greatness Everywhere” co-directed with Park’s Lance Acord, aired globally throughout the London Summer Olympics. Since then, Seb directed Spotify’s first commercial campaign as well as spots for Jaegermeister, Lacoste, and Volvo. 

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