Brent Choi
CEO Chief Creative Officer at DDB Canada
Toronto, Canadá
TítuloHigher Level of Chocolaty
Campaña Higher Level of Chocolaty
Anunciante Tim Hortons
Marca Creamy Chocolate Chill
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Restaurantes y comida rápida
Lema Higher Level of Chocolaty
Sinopsis We teamed up with illusionist Darcy Oake to launch our new Creamy Chocolate Chill by surprising unsuspecting Tim Hortons staff and customers with a levitation right before their very eyes. How would you react? 
Filosofía Tim Hortons newest summer drink is so delicious and chocolaty it literally takes things to a Higher Level of Chocolaty.
Problema We needed to make people aware of this new drink and convince them that it's incredibly, amazingly, supernaturally good.
Resultado We teamed up with illusionist Darcy Oake to blur the line between illusion and reality in order to deliver the message about Creamy Chocolate Chill in an unexpected way.
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Managing Director
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