Olivier Lefebvre
CEO & Partner at FF Paris
Paris, Francia
TítuloAmazon - Claire, Amazon Echo
BriefIn June 2018, FF Paris is assisting the launch of the Amazon connected speaker Amazon Echo in France via a TV film, in the middle of the Pride month.The film was aired in June, during Pride Month, in an effort to anchor Amazon's commitment to the promotion of togetherness.In a country like France where the subject of homosexuality is still being debated, coming out is an an important time for all young homosexuals, and it is often difficult to find the right words to announce it to their family and friends. The vocation of the Amazon Echo via Alexa artificial intelligence, is to gather and reconnect families through a technology integrated into the life of a household: without occupying hands or eyes.That's how Claire, an 18-year-old high school student, who doesn't know how to come out to her parents, will familiarize herself with Alexa, and find a way to do her coming out thanks to one of the device's features.The music at the end of this film is the famous hit song from 1967 : "J'aime les Filles" from Jacques Dutronc. On this popular song, the singer claims his love to every girl on earth, like a true Don Juan. The very "macho" undertones of the lyrics become interesting when played by a girl in the context of a coming out, stressing on the universality of love.
Campaña Amazon - Claire, Amazon Echo
Anunciante Amazon.com, Inc.
Marca Amazon Echo
PostedNoviembre 2018
Sector Empresarial Electrónica doméstica y audiovisual
Sinopsis Amazon Echo connects to Alexa, a voice service in the cloud, to play music, make calls, schedule alarms and timers, ask questions, check weather, traffic and sports results, manage to-do and shopping lists, control compatible connected devices, listen to Audible audio books and more.
Sinopsis (Lengua original) Introducing the Amazon Echo to France. A girl can't find the right way of coming out her parents. Finally she enlists the help of Amazon's Alexa. "Play my music," she asks, in front of her mum and dad. The AI cues up a well known French song called "J'aime les filles." I like girls.
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