Mark Tutssel
Global Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett Worldwide - HQ, Chicago
Chicago, Estados Unidos
BriefTechnology and creativity are all the hype, but how does one prove to have mastered both?To attract attention of CPB+, Publicis and Droga5, I deepfaked recommendations from their famous leaders, while the legendary Mark Tutssel generously helped me tell this story in the case study.
Campaña DeepBogusky
Anunciante Andrey Tyukavkin
Marca Self-promotion
PostedNoviembre 2019
Sector Empresarial Publicidad y comunicación
Sinopsis How does an unknown CD from the end of the world advertise himself to world's most brilliant creative minds?
Medio Comunicaciones corporativas
Evil deepfaker
Unsuspecting victim
Another unsuspecting victim
The most brilliant character
A totally real presenter

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