Oscar Asmoarp
Digital Director at Grey Possible
Amsterdam, Países Bajos
TítuloTogether We're Stronger
Campaña 10 years - Pink Ribbon Magazine
Anunciante Pink Ribbon Inc.
Marca Pink Ribbon Magazine
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Periódicos, revistas, libros
Lema Together we're stronger
Sinopsis I have friends, you have nothing.
I give love, you give pain.
I create, you destroy.
I’ve been given life, you can only steal it.
We’re getting stronger, you’re only getting weaker.
We’re millions of women, and you, you’re just one disease.
Together we’re stronger than breast cancer.
Buy Pink Ribbon Magazine.
Problema Pink Ribbon has one advante compared to other magazines: it is also a charity. And that is the main purchase motivation for women. They just don't buy the magazine for it content, but more importantly because they want to support the fight against breast cancer. Therefore each year the challenge for the campaign is to touch a nerve with women and awaken their sympathy for the breast cancer charity so that they buy the magazine
Medio Televisión y Cine
Director creativo
Director creativo
Director artístico
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Digital Director
Digital Producer
Productor de la agencia
Productor ejecutivo
Productor ejecutivo
Director de fotografía


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