Mark Beardall
VFX Artist at Final Cut
London, Reino Unido
TítuloThe Birdman
Campaña The Birdman
Anunciante Volvo
Marca Voivo Sky Atlantic Sponsorship
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Automotor
Sinopsis Set in Wales and on the beautiful island of Mauritius, the film confronts the damage humans have done to the planet, and highlights the work of one individual who wants to “make the world a more magical, complex and beautiful place.” Professor Carl Jones MBE – “The Birdman” in the film – has helped to save five bird species from extinction, as well as three reptiles, a fruit bat and several plants. He is best known for his work in conserving the Mauritius kestrel which at one point had just four individuals left in the world. The film starts by depicting Jones as a young man, marvelling at his beautiful surroundings and the beauty of the kestrel in the open sky. When you get to know an animal really well, he says, “You can actually enter its world, you start feeling the wind on your skin, it’s like seeing the world in technicolour. You become alive.” But that beauty is threatened because climate change is robbing the world of its biodiversity, it’s only natural defence against rising carbon levels. However, Welsh-born Jones holds on to “tremendous hope for the future,” and recognises that “only one species can fix it.”
Medio Televisión
Director ejecutivo de creación
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Productor de la agencia
Productor de la agencia
Productor de la agencia
Productor adjunto agencia
Productor de la productora
Director de fotografía
VFX Artist
Efectos especiales
Sound Engineer
Empresa de creación sonora
Compositor de música

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