Anze Jereb
Executive Creative Director at BBDO Ukraine, Kyiv
Kyiv, Ucrania
TítuloSave your ears
BriefWith over 30,000 injured and 3,500 dead on Ukrainian roads every year, it’s on the way to becoming a national problem. Hundreds of people could have been saved if they just used seatbelts. But Ukrainians hate to buckle up.There is one thing lots of Ukrainians hate even more: shanson. A genre of songs praising the criminal lifestyle, popular among taxi drivers. The last thing one wants to hear when ordering a ride.Bolt performed an experiment to make passengers fasten their seatbelts.A shanson song, created especially for the project, was played in the Bolt car. This annoying song could be turned off only by the passenger seatbelts, saving passengers’ ears and saving their lives at the same time.
Campaña Save your ears
Anunciante Bolt
Marca Bolt
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Transportes, viajes y turismo
Sinopsis In Ukraine, there are a lot of traffic accidents. Around 30 thousand people get injured and more than 3 thousand die every year. Hundreds of dead could have been saved if they used seatbelts. Transportation platform Bolt, BBDO Ukraine and DGTL RLGN production studio launched a campaign to make people fasten seatbelts. For this project, we created a song that people just can’t stand. This annoying song was playing very loud in the car until all passengers fastened their seatbelts.
Medio Interactive Outdoor Experience
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director creativo
Jefe del grupo de creación
Director artístico
Director artístico
Diseñador gráfico
Diseñador gráfico
Productor de la productora
Director de cuentas
Diseñador gráfico
New Business Manager

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