Dora Pruzincova
Director ejecutivo de creación at VMLY&R Prague
Praha 1, República Checa
TítuloThe Story of Róbert Hutyra
Campaña The Story of Róbert Hutyra
Anunciante National Technical Museum
Marca National Technical Museum
PostedAgosto 2018
Sector Empresarial Festivales, museos
Sinopsis Solution;The main objective for the direction of this film was to bring the Czechoslovak communist era to life in an authentic way. Instead of making the story of Robert Hutyra glossy and heroic, we wanted to make it intimate and raw, taking the “New wave of Czechoslovak film” from the 60s represented by Milos Forman, Jan Nemec or Ivan Passer as a reference. Actors were carefully selected to resemble the real heroes and act very naturally, almost like amateurs (a technique Milos Forman used in many of his films). The wardrobe, props and locations were carefully selected based on studying the personal archive of Robert Hutyra. To make the narrative voiceover sound authentic, we recorded 3 hours of interviews with Mr. Hutyra and closely mirrored the imperfections in his English with our actor. The idea behind the music was go smoothly with the film, without overpowering it but gradually developing with the story.;Brief Explanation;To promote a unique exhibition celebrating 70 years of the most popular Czech bicycle brand, we filmed a true story that illustrates just how strong a rider’s relationship with his bike can be. The story of retired professional cyclist (and Czechoslovak immigrant) Róbert Hutyra.
Medio Web Film
Más información
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director creativo
Director artístico
Director artístico
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Managing Director
Director de fotografía
Música Studio Bang World
Productor de la agencia
Regional Chief Creative Officer
Sound Engineer
Productor delegado
Regional Chief Creative Officer Jaime Mandelbaum
Chief Creative Officer Tereza Sverakova
Executive Creative Director Dora Pruzincova
Creative Director Art Marco Antonio do Nascimento
Art Director Jan Siller
Art Director Vit Strobl
Copywriter Dora Pruzincova
Copywriter Jaroslav Kratochvila
Agency Producer Jana Dlouha
Director Wolfberg
Director of Photography Martin Matiasek
Editor Filip Malasek
Music Viliam Beres
Music Steve Walsh
Sound Viktor Ekrt
Producer Petr Oplatka
Producer Vasek Sladek
Line Producer Vit Pecka
Postproduction PFX
Executive Managing Director Tomas Dvorak
Entrant Company Y&R PRAGUE
Idea Creation Y&R PRAGUE


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