Natasha Maasri
Director creativo at The&Partnership NA
Beirut, Líbano
TítuloNo Rights, No Women
Campaña No Rights, No Women
Anunciante No Rights No Women
Marca No Rights No Women
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Concienciación social sobre la discriminación racial / étnica / los discapacitados
Sinopsis We were approached by a group of Lebanese women fighting for women’s rights, to create a campaign for their new organization.
By Lebanese law, men and women are not equal. Some laws are so discriminatory that they reduce women to “half citizens”.Lebanese women have no right to pass their nationality to their children. They have no custody rights. There is no law that protects women against domestic violence…
If it takes a man to become a full citizen, so be it!
We wanted the Lebanese community and the lawmakers to imagine a world without women. We named both the movement and the campaign “No Rights, No Women”. 
Filosofía OnlineStarting with Facebook, we asked women to become men. Over 1,000 Lebanese women around the world added mustaches to their profile pictures and changed their gender. The complex discriminatory laws were simplified into statements and posted online.PROur page became a meeting point for NGOs, and activists…to discuss the movement, share content and sign our online petition. Local and regional bloggers immediately joined to help build hype.
PostersPosters were placed around town asking women to dress as men on March 8th.Event/ActivationOn March 8th, the movement went from the virtual world to the real one. That morning women around the country dressed as men & that night, hundreds gathered close to parliament to walk for equality.MediaThe event made it to the opening of the 8 o'clock news.Overnight, we received international exposure in magazines, newspapers, radio broadcasts and over 57 blogs & websites. 
Resultado The movement got 1.2 million USD of free media coverage. (Stat - IPSOS)We were featured in:Over 20 leading regional magazines and newspapersOver 57 international blogs & websitesTop 3 local and Arab channels
Our Facebook page was viewed over 16,700 times in only 1 week
On August 4th 2011, i.e., 7 months after the start of the “No Rights No women” movement, The Honor Crimes Law was abolished. This was considered a turning point in Lebanese legislative history.
The Domestic Violence law is now in final study by the parliament. 
Medio Case Study
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Director artístico
Director artístico
Director creativo
Responsable de la creación
Regional Executive Creative Director
Deputy Managing Director
Account Supervisor
Account Manager
Executive PR

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