Damien O Donnell
Realizador at Kream
Dublin, Irlanda
TítuloMade that way 1
Campaña Made That Way
Anunciante Plusnet
Marca Plusnet
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Proveedores de servicios de internet
Filosofía The campaign comprises of multiple creative variants aimed to leverage the various formats in which online ads are now served. Brand front man ‘Plusnet Joe’ pokes fun at the situations we often find ourselves in when faced with ‘yet another ad’ by cutting through to the unassuming viewer and making light of the situation.
The skippable formats aim to encourage viewers to stick around a bit longer rather than just hitting the skip button as soon as it’s presented, whilst the forced executions acknowledge the truth that they’ll be intruding on the viewers own time for the next 30 seconds and there’s not much the viewer or Joe can really do about it. 
Problema Celebrate how Plusnet can’t help but be helpful, thanks to their Yorkshire roots
Medio Web Film
Empresa de creación sonora
Miembro del equipo creativo
Miembro del equipo creativo
Director creativo
Planificador de cuentas
Director de cuentas
Productor de la agencia
Productor de la productora
Director de producción
Director de fotografía
VFX Company
VFX Artist

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