Lisa Greenberg
SVp. Head of Art, Creative director at Leo Burnett Worldwide
Toronto, Canadá
TítuloTD Coin Posters
BriefTo help parents talk to their kids about the value of saving, we created a first-of-its-kind interactive savings poster to distribute as a printed takeaway. The medium became the message as the posters represented shapes of things kids would want to save for (guitar, teddy bear, etc.). The twist was that these shapes were made out of coin sockets. The number of coin sockets on the poster, with different sizes indicating different denominations, represented the approximate cost of the item - making the child’s wish tangible through the money they save. A simple and hyper-relevant idea to help children understand the value and reward of saving money
Campaña TD Coin Posters
Anunciante Dominion Bank
Marca Coin Posters
PostedNoviembre 2019
Sector Empresarial Servicios bancarios, inversiones, corredores de bolsa
Sinopsis 84% of Canadians feel they have weak financial literacy skills. Research shows that the understanding of money begins at home and often at a young age. Unfortunately, while parents want their children to understand money, many (43%) feel hesitant talking about it with them, and many more (78%) feel they aren’t successful at teaching their kids about money.
Medio Case Study
Responsable de la creación
Director creativo
Director creativo
Director creativo
Redactor digital
Designer/Art Director
Productor de la agencia
Print Producer
Print Producer
Print Producer
VP, Group Account Director
Director de cuentas
Director de cuentas
Ejecutivo de cuentas
Chief Strategy Officer
Planificador estratégico

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