Paulo Filipe Souza
3D Modeler at BETC São Paulo
São Paulo, Brasil
TítuloTickets on Air
Campaña Tickets on Air
Anunciante Itaú Unibanco
Marca Espaco Itau de Cinema
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Servicios bancarios, inversiones, corredores de bolsa
Sinopsis In partnership with 89FM and Africa, the bank created a radio ad that gives away movie tickets directly from the radio to cell phones in a simple and quick way. This was possible using the Nearbytes technology, which converts audio into data, without the need for wifi, bluetooth, mobile signal, or any other connection. It's the first time a company has used this type of technology. 
Filosofía Itau, the largest Latin American Bank and sponsor of over 56 movie theatres. Itau is one of the brands that most widelly supports arts and culture in Brazil. Knowing only 10% of the Brazilian population make it a habit to go to the movies (source: Datafolha – Brazilian research institute), Itau decided to impact the target audience: the 90% who don’t usually go to the movies. 
Problema Mobile on-demand video services are making people go less and less to the movies. Until 2017, these services will correspond to twice the amount of movie theatres’ audience in the world, according to a study done by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Itau, the largest Latin American Bank and sponsor of over 56 movie theatres, needed to find a way to invite people back. The best way to do it was to deliver the message using as our ally the most effective coverage media of the country: the radio. The client saw in using this media a good opportunity to show its support for culture and its sponsorship of movie theatres. 
Resultado Using Nearbytes, a technology that converts audio into data, we created a radio ad that delivers movie tickets through the radio. The radio’s great coverage was turned into a powerful delivery tool. The ad with the technology was broadcasted by the radio station. Listeners were asked to place their smartphones containing the radio app near the stereo. By doing this, they received a movie ticket directly on their mobiles without the need of bluetooth, mobile signal, wifi or any other connections. The radio became an important ally to spread lots of tickets and invite people back to the movie theatres. During the first ad, 100 tickets were delivered and the numbers keep going up. All the tickets meant to be given away in a week were gone in a single day. The radio’s great coverage was turned into a powerful delivery tool, giving this media a new meaning. The combination of Nearbytes technology and the radio proved to be highly effective and can be applied in multiple future campaigns with different goals. Itau stood out as a supporter of culture as a way to change lives. And most importantly: lots of people changed the little screens for Itau’s big ones. 
Medio Interactivo
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director creativo
Director creativo
Project Creative Director
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico

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