Gustavo Vampre
Director creativo at Deloitte Digtal
Sydney, Australia
Campaña VRecruitment
Anunciante Australian Defence Force
Marca Australian Defence Force
PostedNoviembre 2017
Sector Empresarial Empleo de los funcionarios, de la policía y del ejército
Filosofía To maintain capabilities in line with innovations in technology, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) needs to recruit smart thinkers.

The problem is the next generation doesn’t see the military as a smart career.

Their misconceptions are often based on the entertainment they see, which shows the military as being all about combat. The truth is the ADF is a progressive military with over 200 job roles, not just combat. So before we can recruit them, we have to change their perceptions.

Category 5 is a true VR experience that puts potential candidates’ problem-solving skills and misconceptions to the test. And as players learn about us, we learn about them, through real-time data analysis. Based on how they play, the data is used to generate unique in-game job recommendations, personalise post-game communications, and give specialist recruiters the ability to single out higher-value candidates sooner.

More than a VR experience, Category 5 is a next-generation recruitment platform that doesn’t just reach the new generation, it changes their perceptions about a career in the military.
Medio Interactivo
Account Director
Director de Cuentas Digital
Responsable de cuentas de agencia
Digital Strategy Director
Managing Director
Director ejecutivo de creación
Director ejecutivo de creación
Digital Creative Director
Digital Creative Director
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Head of Design
Print Team Lead
Director of Applied Technology
Development Lead
Game Design
Visual Lead
Game Design
Technology Production Assistant
Applied Technologist
3D Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
VFX Artist
VFX Artist
Empresa de creación sonora
Ingeniero de sonido

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