Thomas Couzinier

Thomas Couzinier

Co-Founder & CEO at SuperPitch
Paris, Francia


Co-Founder & CEO
2014 - Presente (6 años 8 meses)
Production Music Library, Bespoke Music & Music Supervision

Recent sync :
The Magician S1EP06 - "Dans l'Jeu by Black Mo" - Sy-Fy - TV series
Kindown S2EP09 - "Blaze of Glory" by Spottiswoode
Armani Code with "Barker" by Harshman
Armani Crema Nera with "ARI"
Fondation de France with "Blaze of Glory" by Spottiswoode
Hermes with "Left hand Swing" from our Piano Solo album
and many more....

Awards :
Timeout by Harshman won Best Dance Track at the Mark Awards/PMA
The Arch won best Folk Song at the Library Music Award

Co-Founder & Associate
2014 - Presente (6 años 8 meses)
Insonic is a postproduction company with studios in Paris and Brussels. We are specialize in sound design, editorial and sound supervision for feature films.

Insonic is a collaboration between supervising sound editor Alexis Place and Gwennolé Le Borgne as well as Thomas and Grégoire Couzinier. The 4 of them have been active in doing sound design, mixing and music for films for the last 15 years.

We have work for directors such as Paul Verhoeven, Wong Kar-Wai, Michel Gondry, Luc Besson, Thierry Poiraud, Matthieu Kassovitz, Melanie Laurent, Roberto Rodriguez, Sofia Coppola, Alice Winocour, Rebecca Zlotowski...
Founder & Producer
Paris, Francia
2001 - Presente (19 años 8 meses)
Kouz Production is an award winning music supervision and sound production company. Co-founded by brothers Thomas & Grégoire Couzinier, it offers full recording studio amenities in Paris.

Since 2001, we have worked with renowned directors on both films (Michel Gondry, Wong Kar-Wai, Sofia Coppola...) and commercials (Thierry Poiraud, Matthijs Van Heijningen, Bruno Aveillan...), for brands such as Armani, Hermes, Samsung, Ubisoft and Citroen.

We've also had the privilege to host talents like Gwen Stefani, Theophilus London, Mirwais, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Dujardin, Gerard Depardieu and Matthew Fox.

Our services include :
- sound design & sound supervision for commercials, films, multimedia projects, events...
- Audio post-production for 5.1 Dolby mixing, ADR recording (ISDN, Source Connect) and sound editing suite.
- Music supervision, bespoke music production and production music library through our subsidiaries label SuperPitch

2016 :
Club des DA -
Yeezy Boost - Best sound Ident
MDP - Marcel Broodthaers - Best of of VO

Canal Sat The Battle
Cannes Lions - Bronze in Sound Design
Eurobest Festival of Creativity - Silver in Sound Design
Atlantic 37 Days
Cannes Lions - Bronze in Original Music

2013 :
Hermes, The Sound of Silver
Clio Awards - Best Sound design Bronze
Club des Directeurs Artistiques - Best Sound design
Cristal - Best Sound design

2011 :
Canal + Tick
London International Awards - Best Sound Design
CLIO Awards - (Silver) for Sound Design
Kinsale Shark Advertising Festival (Silver) - Best use of music/sound design

2010 :
Canal + Tick
Moebius - Best Sound Design

Canal + The Closet
Yellow Pencil -
Club des Directeurs Artistiques - Best Sound design

Need for Speed Shift
London International Awards - Best Sound Design

2001 - 2011 (10 años)
C0C0S0L1DC1T1 curate sound, video and Internet based projects from a selection of international artists. We invite artists from all of these mediums to collaborate on projects together as well as to produce their own works for release on CD/DVD and through the web.

Having started in 2001, C0C0S0L1DC1T1 has its main office in Manchester, England with a smaller distribution office in Montreal, Canada. All print and web design work is carried out in Manchester whilst mastering work is done in Paris, France.

csc 018: Identification - Slinkity Sounds
csc 017: Oliver Blank + James Martin - Karhu ja Tiikerini
csc 016: Andrew Coleman + Defasten - Openland
csc 015: Limmat - Municipal 44
csc 014: David Kristian + Ryosuke Aoike- Ghost Storeys
csc 013: Pretty Boy Crossover + Julio Soto- We Are All Drifting
csc 012: Andrew Coleman- Tony Alva's Hair
csc 011: -40 (various artists)
csc 010: Battery Operated- re.Cord
csc 009: Broken Channel (various artists)
csc 008: Battery Operated + Made- Aprotic
csc 007: The Dorkestra- Merry Tales and Fractured Melodies
csc 006: BioChemical Dread (Richard H. Kirk)- Bush Doctrine
csc 005: Parapulse Tuck (various artists)
csc 004: Scalene (various artists)
csc 003: Identification- Identify
csc 002: Battery Operated- Chases Through Non-Place
csc 001: Battery Operated- Vecuum


Master's degree Field Of Study Intermédia / multimédia

1998 - 2001 (3 años)

DUT Field Of Study Technologie / technicien du génie électrique, de l''électronique et des communications


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