Elsa Rakotoson
CEO & PRODUCER at Frenzy Paris
Paris, Francia
TítuloLost in the Moment
Campaña Lost in the Moment
Anunciante DARIUS ft. Wayne Snow
Marca Lost in the Moment
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Discos, CDs, DVDs y vídeos
Filosofía Synopsis / Commentaire

Set in a not-so-far away future, on a distant earth-like planet, three teens embark on a journey that leads to a once in a lifetime experience. This is the premise for director Lisa Paclet’s new video for A63/Roche Musique’s artist Darius. The underlying coming-of-age narrative accompanies stunning visuals and other-wordly effects (courtesy of Parisian post-production house, Saint-Louis). It is the optmistic energy of Darius' track Lost in The Moment that inspired the film's themes of adventure and over-coming fears, as well as the directors own cliff-jumping childhood. The heroine of our story, played by fresh-faced Raph (nominated for the 2017 César awards «Most Promising Actress» category), encites the viewer to take the leap as well and lose themselves in the music.
Medio Music Video
Head Operator
Animation Effects
Animation Effects
Post Production

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