Adrian Bosich
Managing Partner / Creative Founder at Airbag Productions, Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia
TítuloLiving Landscapes
Campaña Living Landscapes
Anunciante La Trobe University
Marca La Trobe University
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Educacion superior, Escuelas
Filosofía A new La Trobe University initiative via AIRBAG and SDWM, inspired by one of the world's most influential living artists currently featuring at the NGV in David Hockney: Current, will see a virtual forest of hand drawn digital trees and plants translated into a real-life forest, creating long-lasting benefits for the environment.

Under the initiative, Living Landscapes, visitors to the NGV's Friday Nights program create their own personalised tree on an iPad using the colours and brush strokes inspired by David Hockney. They move their tablet over a scale replica of the University's 30-hectare Wildlife Sanctuary and digitally "plant" their creation within a growing virtual forest.

For each of the estimated 4000 virtual plants created during the initiative, La Trobe will plant one within the Sanctuary, which was set up 50 years ago to protect local flora and fauna.
Medio Interactive Outdoor Experience
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Director of Brand Marketing & Sponsorships
Campaign Manager
Social Media Manager
Operational Management
Managing Partner
Creative technologist
Director creativo
Director creativo
Design Director
Business Director
Social Strategy Director
PR Agency
Managing Director
Responsable de cuentas de agencia

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