Grayson Matthews
optionlist-CTB.CTBx308 at FCB Canada
Toronto, Canadá
TítuloNuclear Dissent
Campaña Nuclear Dissent
Anunciante Jam3
Marca Jam3
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Otros
Filosofía Interactive documentary Nuclear Dissent is a cautionary tale about nuclear destruction, told through the lens of some of the world's bravest activists. From the weapons tests to the protest, the fallout and the propaganda, the documentary explores nuclear impacts and inspire everyday people to take action.

The user experiences the impacts of nuclear testing through an interactive journey consisting of VR/360º panoramas, X-ray visions of radioactivity, footages from the protests and a simulation of a nuclear attack in their own neighbourhood.
Medio Interactivo
Production Company
3D Animation
Sound Design
Design Agency

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