Chief Executive Officer at Ierek at IEREK
Egypt, Egipto


our mission's to create opportunities to deliver knowledge in wide-range and diversified fields, which is a necessity for students, professionals, and researchers everywhere. We also foster cultural exchange, which is the way to develop and evaluate our society and to keep up with our world’s progress. This could be achieved by spreading knowledge through different activities: Conferences. Workshops. Training Courses. Educational Services. Journal. According to our concern in spreading knowledge, we offer the theoretical knowledge in all fields of science as well as the practical applications that help in implementing this science and translating it into reality. This process can achieve the aim of transforming knowledge to be applicable in our life.


Chief Executive Officer
Abou Quer, Egipto
December 2013 - Presente (6 años 8 meses)
IEREK for Research & Knowledge Enrichment
Abou Quer, Egipto
December 2013 - Presente (6 años 8 meses)
IEREK - International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange- is an international institution that is concerned with the exchange of knowledge and enhancing research through organizing and managing conferences in all fields of knowledge. Moreover, IEREK offers workshops and training courses in various disciplines for all professionals. These professional training courses are unique in the practical way they are delivered and in the certified professionals who teach them.

We also process the work for online publishing throughout our international journal and IEREK Electronic Library. Our institution continues its activities through organizing and activating scientific programs to spread science and to develop skills on all local and international levels through its headquarters in Egypt and through our partners throughout the world.

IEREK activities are not only confined to these majors but also include cultural, social, and recreational aspects that would be available in all the events IEREK sponsors, standing by its belief that we all live in one world.
Building Performance Simulation Tools - Workshop
Abou Quer, Egipto
October 2014 - October 2014 ()
A workshop on simulation tool for energy performance in buildings. The workshop aims to train and practice using simulation tools design builder software) in order to calculate energy consumption in building.

Design Builders a user-friendly modeling environment where you can Work (and play) with virtual building models. It provides a range of environmental performance data such as: energy consumption, carbon emissions, comfort conditions, daylight luminescence, maximum summertime temperatures and HVAC component sizes.


The management of heritage Sites

We invite you to participate in a Workshop on "The management of heritage Sites" The workshop is aimed at Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space A major goal of this workshop will deal with the technologies employed in aerial and satellite remote sensing and the analytical and interpretive approaches that are of greatest use to archaeologists and archaeological heritage managers today. These will be described, and instructive examples of how they have been used will be provided. . The instructors for the course will be "DR. Douglas Comer" the President of Cultural Site Research and Management (CSRM) and the CSRM Foundation, and Co-President of the International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) for ICOMOS Application forms will be found online at the workshop web page: You can also find us at:

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