Achim Weber
Miembro del equipo creativo at Grey Berlin
Berlin, Alemania
TítuloThe Berlin Wall of Sound
Campaña The Berlin Wall of Sound
Anunciante SoundCloud
Marca SoundCloud
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Cultura, ocio y deporte
Sinopsis To remember this – also for SoundCloud – very special anniversary, the agency Grey Berlin created „The Berlin Wall of Sound“, which uses SoundCloud’s characteristic feature of displaying sound waves to let sound reconstruct the shape of the Wall – its concrete barrier and its infamous watchtowers.„The Berlin Wall of Sound“ also uses SoundCloud's latest feature Visual Tracks, which allows to synchronize multiple visuals behind the sound wave with one track. The sound track is exactly 7:32 minutes long, which is the time sound needs to travel the 155 kilometers of the original Berlin Wall. Tagged with the single sounds of the track are not the typical user’s comments but the victims of the Wall.The sound track is no easy listening. It’s deep and menacing tonality is mixed with original quotes and voices of the responsible German Democratic Republic politicians like Erich Mielke, Erich Honecker and original voices from boarder guards.„The Berlin Wall of Sound“ is hard to stand. But how much harder to bear was a life locked behind the Wall. SoundCloud and Grey Berlin dedicates the „The Berlin Wall of Sound“ to all the victims of the Wall – and all the people who suffer from today’s existing walls. 
Filosofía To mark the upcoming 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the advertising agency Grey Berlin, in cooperation with SoundCloud, has launched The Berlin Wall Of Sound, an acoustic reconstruction of the Berlin Wall using SoundCloud’s signature waveform player. 
SoundCloud’s Berlin headquarter is located in the original “Todesstreifen“ – death zone area – right next to the former location of the Berlin Wall.Many of SoundClouds members were too young or even not born when the Wall felt 25 years ago. And many of them do not see the importance of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – the day that not only ended the separation of Germany but the Cold War. Eventually Berlin would not be the open international society and creative capital which it is today. 
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