Szymon Pawlik
Director at Platige Image
Warsaw, Polonia
TítuloSixty eight hundred miles to the Sun
Campaña Sixty eight hundred miles to the Sun
Anunciante Femi pleasure
Marca Sis Collection
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Ropa, moda y calzado
Sinopsis 6800 miles - it's a distance from Poland to Indonesia. Seems like far far away, yet there is no distance long enough for those who endevour on a journey to find their heart's desire. It's a story that starts with the feeling of loss, sadness and loneliness. A travel to distant place, new world, one you take to forget about the past. An escape, that seems impossible at the beginning, yet turns out to be a kick start of a new life. A discovery and adventure bringing piece, hope and pure happiness. Sometimes you need to travel 6800 miles to get back to your true self.
Medio Web Film
Director de fotografía
Actor /Celebridad

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