Tim Shelley
Associate Digital Director at Leo Burnett Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia
Campaña #Myfamilycan
Anunciante Spc Ardmona
Marca Spc Ardmona
PostedNoviembre 2015
Sector Empresarial Comida
Sinopsis SPC is Australia’s largest fruit processing company. Despite being part of our family life for 100 years, SPC faces an enduring sales battle. With no legislative protection from the Government, cheap imports continue to flood the market and lure consumers away, regardless of their brand, origin or quality. An unexpected set of circumstances provided an opportunity for SPC. A contaminated batch of Nanna’s frozen berries caused a nationwide Hepatitis outbreak, sparking widespread alarm about country of origin food labelling. “For too long people have been talking about country of origin food labelling, and nothing much has changed.”Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia (Source: Sky News)Consumers were frustrated because the prevailing system didn’t deliver enough information at the supermarket shelf. For busy shoppers it was virtually impossible to discern which products were locally grown. So we deliberately set out to draw the nation into a food labelling conversation with an initiative that drove a significant volume of sales.
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