Craig Brownrigg
Realizador at Blue Planet
Atlanta, Estados Unidos
Campaña 15 and Falling
Anunciante Department of Health and Wellness
Marca Department of Health and Wellness
PostedFebrero 2011
Sector Empresarial Concienciación social sobre drogas / alcohol / tabaco
Lema Hardly anyone smokes anymore
Sinopsis Teen smoking rates in the Province of Nova Scotia are continuing to decline, but smokers still make up an average of 15 per cent of teens. This jumps to 25 per cent by the end of high school. Although the dramatic increase in smoking rates within this group is troubling in its own right, it tells us that there is an important window of opportunity to effect real change with young people aged 15-18, before they start smoking, or before they shift from experimentation to addiction. 
 The message for the campaign is not about telling them to do something. Rather, it’s about nudging them along so that they start to perceive that smoking is not supported by those around them - and that hardly anyone smokes. The campaign is rooted in a social norms approach - if we flip the 15 per cent around, 85 per cent of teens don’t smoke - not smoking is the norm. 
A multi-pronged media plan was developed with a 15 and falling website at the centre. The campaign also includes cinema spots, 9 foot dinosaurs made of ashtrays, artifact boxes showing ancient smoking paraphernalia and online ads.
Filosofía Two cinema spots were created for this campaign. Both focus on the fact that because the rate of smoking is on the decline, there is an absence of lighters - demonstrating that smoking is now passé, and ending with ‘hardly anyone smokes anymore’ and The Rocket spot show the fact that because there are so few smokers, there are also few lighters – and they can’t light their rocket.
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