Alyshia Fazal
Assistant Brand Manager at American Garden
New York, Estados Unidos
TítuloThe World Expiration Date
Campaña The World Expiration Date
Anunciante Global Export Co.
Marca American Garden
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Comida
Filosofía Brief ExplanationAmerican Garden, a regionally popular food brand, have over 250 products that can be found in supermarkets and shops in over 50 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Far East, Asia and Europe. With their pay off “Let’s savor life!” American Garden claims that every day is an invitation to do more. To be bold, try new things and live without limits. That’s what drives them to create innovative products and look for new ideas. American Garden, always an active member of the sustainability community, requested a campaign to show people that they are keeping their commitment alive.The Brief“The World Expiration Date” campaign brief was to strengthen American Garden’s equity manifest “Let’s Savor Life”, and get closer to the audience by building brand affinity with them. They wanted to embrace a cause that could make their manifest larger than life. American Garden has always been an active member of the sustainability community and requested a campaign to show people that they are keeping their commitment alive.How the final design was conceivedThrough our research, we discovered that 76% of the population check expiration dates. But only a few people know the predicament of endangered animals. So we decided to address the situation. We studied the statistics of decreasing populations of endangered animals over the past few years. Then we calculated, on average, what would happen to these animals by the same expiration dates of the most common American Garden products. We created artworks that were designed to perfectly fit the original packaging. And we printed them right next to the regular expiration dates of several products. On each packaging, a link to the American Garden website invited people to learn more about hundreds of endangered animals that we profiled by their conservation status – from vulnerable to critically endangered. From there, we gave customers the chance to take action and support the cause. American Garden had a great opportunity: their wide range and huge distribution channel reaches almost every supermarket in the region.Indication of how successful the outcome was in the marketDesign in this campaign plays a crucial role by allowing the brand to become the voice of hundreds of endangered animals and reaffirming American Garden’s commitment towards the planet. The design shifted the conversation from products that expire to the hope that we can give the most endangered animals on the Earth. Each shelf is giving a voice to animals under the threat of extinction and every product sold is leading people to the American Garden website, where they can learn more about hundreds of endangered animals and support the cause. Recently, other brands and environmental associations have approached us to join our movement, demonstrating that “The World Expiration Date” campaign started with American Garden but can go much further. We strengthened American Garden’s equity manifest “Let’s Savor Life”, got closer to the audience and built brand affinity with them. We reached existing and new clients, talking to everyone who cares about the destiny of our world. 
Medio Case Study
Executive Creative Director/Creative Director
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Director de cuentas
Marketing Manager
Responsable de la producción
Director de producción
Executive Producer/DirectorTechnical Producer
Executive Producer/DirectorTechnical Producer

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