Shelley Zalis

Shelley Zalis

CEO & Founder at The Girls' Lounge
Los Angeles, Estados Unidos


My Twitter bio captures my essence: Chief troublemaker, innovation junkie, big idea thinker-upper. Uber-connector who chases smart technology, passionate people & solar eclipses.

I have gone against the grain most of my career, starting in 2000 when I left the corporate world to pioneer online research. I created OTX (Online Testing Exchange), which in just nine years became one of the largest and fastest growing research companies in the world. The OTX story is one about creating new rules to redefine work/life balance, taking risks and inspiring a culture to thrive in a modern market. My ‘wild ideas’ officially changed the game. Under my vision and leadership as CEO and Chairmom, I raised my OTX family with many of the same values that I was brought up with. As the first female chief executive ranked in the research industry’s top 25, I bring emotion and passion to the boardroom and have devoted myself to becoming a mentor and friend to women and leaders in my industry. My most recent creation is the Ipsos Girls’ Lounge, a go-to destination for women at industry conferences to put their feet up, let their guard down, network and do business. The Girls’ Lounge supports and mentors women to stand out with their unique leadership powers and transform corporate culture… together.

An Andy Warhol quote that I live by is “They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them for yourself.”


TFQ Ventures
July 2015 - Presente (5 years 1 month)
CEO and Founder
The Girls' Lounge
June 2015 - Presente (5 years 2 months)
Every day, The Girls' Lounge supports and mentors women to find their voice, embrace their feminine leadership powers and work together to transform corporate culture for this and future generations. Together, we are making meaningful strides to effect real change for real women.
Ipsos OTX
March 2010 - June 2015 (5 years 3 months)
At Ipsos OTX, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, strategists, digital natives and design technologists, our charge is to understand what is happening now that will dictate what will be happening next. We experiment, incubate, tinker and create. I also created The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge, the go to destination at industry conferences for women to authentically connect, collaborate and inspire each other to activate the change we want to see.
Founder & CEO
June 2000 - March 2010 (9 years 9 months)
OTX become one of the largest and fastest growing research companies in the world in just nine years. At OTX I created new rules to redefine work/life balance, took risks and inspired a culture to thrive in a modern market. In 2010, OTX was acquired by Ipsos, a global market research company, specializing in advertising, loyalty, marketing, media and public affairs market research.


1979 - 1983 (4 years)

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