Roderick Prince
Social Media Specialist at TBWA\NEBOKO
Amsterdam, Países Bajos
TítuloThrough The Eyes of a Refugee
Anunciante Amnesty International
Marca Amnesty International
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Instituciones/Organizaciones no gubernamentales
Sinopsis Every year, hundreds of thousands of refugees embark on a life-threatening journey. Even if they survive the trip across land and sea, they’ll often fall in the hands of smugglers. Risking exploitation, kidnapping, rape or murder. And once they reach their final destination, a place that should offer a safe haven, they often face racism, xenophobia and discrimination.
While the Refugee Crisis was intensely covered by the media, the turmoil debate has since died down. But the situation hasn’t. That’s why, in anticipation of this winter, Amnesty International wants a campaign that sparks conversation once more. A campaign that triggers understanding and empathy amongst viewers. A campaign that reveals what it’s really like to flee your home, under life-threatening conditions. A campaign that will open eyes, and hearts and be the seed for a different social atmosphere.
We wanted to create more empathy and understanding for refugees and the horrific situations they undergo before they are ‘welcomed to our country’.
And in order to do that, we needed to humanize this situation. We needed to bring it really close for people who are far removed. Because if empathy is the capacity to place oneself in another's position, we needed our audience to really experience what it’s like to flee under such inhumane conditions. And so our strategy was born, to open people’s eyes, we must look through the eyes of refugees.
*Psychological research shows that people tend to feel more empathy and compassion for single victims than groups of victims.

The video was more to people than just a distracted ‘like’. People took the message to heart and shared their video on their personal Facebook walls. We received more than TWICE as many shares than likes: quite unique in social media.
The comments showed an overwhelming emotional sentiment. Many commented that their eyes had in fact been opened. Perhaps most humbling and gratifying were the comments from refugees from all corners of the world, expressing their thanks. Reminding us that refugees are nowhere without our understanding.

Due to the controversial character, as well as the authentic emotions, the video had a high shareability and virality factor. That’s why we opted for an online campaign, created for and completely tailored to the social media sphere. Shortly after the campaign was aired in the Netherlands, it started gaining traction worldwide, receiving coverage from national and international media. That’s why we translated the film to almost 20 languages and mobilized the Amnesty International network worldwide to get this important message out.
We also want to emphasize that the people used in the experiment are not actors. They’ve been screened and briefed on the process beforehand, but in no way, have they been influenced how to act or feel. Moreover, candidates received intensive after-care. Jos Claus is a credited authority on hypnotherapy and has worked with several universities and academic institutions.
To open people’s eyes, we must look through the eyes of refugees. With this strategy in mind we created and conducted an experiment that mimicked the real-life journey of one refugee, named Marwa*.
Under hypnosis participants (not actors by any means) go through Marwa horrific experiences while she was on the run for her life. Throughout the hypnotic journey, we witness their reactions and facial expression.
They duck when missiles are fired at their house. They cry out when they find their siblings body parts in the rubble. They scream for help when people are brutally murdered in front of them. And they gasp out in pain when experiencing extreme malnutrition.
Participants are presented with the emotional footage once they’ve woken up. They’re confronted with their own traumatic reactions, which are only amplified once they meet Marwa, the person whose reality this really was…
Medio Web Film
Responsable de la creación
Director creativo
Director artístico
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Productor de la productora
Account Social Media
Account Social Media
Account Social Media
PR Agency
Productor de la productora
Director de fotografía
Post Grading
Post Online
Director de producción
Focus Puller
Cámara (persona)
Cámara (persona)
Camera Test
Empresa de creación sonora
Creative Director + Concept Creator + Concept Maker + Art Director Darre van Dijk
Concept Creator + Copy Writer Bas Engels
Producer Peter Burger
Account Director Thomas van der Helm
Account Executive Manon Patty
Social Media Specialist Roderick Prince
Hypnotherapist Jos Claus
PR AGENCY Frédérique Demenint-van der Ven
PR AGENCY Rick Versteegh
PR AGENCY Jeroen van Seeters
PR AGENCY Margot Korthals
PR AGENCY Daan Horbach
Campaign coordinator Jan Willem Dol
Press Officer Emile Affolter
Director Victor Vroegindewij
Producer Lex Szanto
D.O.P. Gabor Deak
Production Manager Tessel Schole
First Farah Abdi
Grip Auke Verhoeff
VTR Sander ten Hof
Gaffer Frank van Hekken
Camera VIDIBOKO Wouter Koomen
Researcher Climmy Canton
Editor Martin Heigelaar
Editor Jorien Voogt
Post Grading Barry Clarke
Post Online Gregoire Verweijen
Music Composition Darius Dante
Sound Design Rens Pluim
Global Chief Creative Officer Chris Garbutt
Entrant Company TBWA\NEBOKO
Idea Creation TBWA\NEBOKO


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