Trang Le Thu
Designer at Cheil Germany GmbH
Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany, Alemania
TítuloSamsung Land of Emojis (2mn)
Campaña Samsung Land of Emojis
Anunciante Samsung
Marca Samsung
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Telefonía móvil y buscapersonas
Filosofía Emojis are the world’s new universal language, transcending borders and cultures. Encouraging and helping users to make emojis on his or her smartphone as personal and diverse as possible, the user-generated, personalized emojis function as a message for and proof of diversity in German society, spread with every single chat from users' smartphones. By automatically turning selfies into individual emojis, Samsung gathered Germans of all kinds around a literally iconic message of positivity. Hundreds of thousand people started to use their own customized emojis sets, promoting diversity with every chat or post over the course of more than three months. The campaign launched via a print ad in Germany’s largest newspaper, BILD, and posts on Samsungs facebook channel, which directed the audience to the campaign website and to download the mobile app. Interactive displays and public installations in Germany’s capital, Berlin, amplified the online-campaign. Finally, on the annual national “Day of Germany Unity”, all emojis where brought together on the Brandenburg Gate in a spectacular light show, creating a new sign of diversity. • Total media impressions: 67 million • Social reach: 20 million • App downloads during campaign activation: over 41000 • Unique emojis created by users: 220.000+ • Market share increase during campaign period: 7% “Land of Emojis” is a brand and PR campaign for Samsung that uses the smartphone as an "earned media" tool to seamlessly connect mobile, web and outdoor channels, creating media attention and direct consumer engagement while promoting the brand ideals. The brand proposition of Samsung Galaxy centers around being an approachable “people’s brand” with the mission to create meaningful innovations which help consumers overcome technological as well as barriers in life. It’s product range covers a great variety of devices, reflecting on different needs and a diverse set of consumers. Taking a visible stand against newly rising populism and racism in Germany, Samsung reflects the core values of the brand by proving that while you can be wildly different – you can also understand each other at the same time. Applying innovation and creative self-expression, Samsung can champion the cause for unity, diversity and inclusiveness in a manner that fits the brand and empowers the individual consumer.
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