Steven Woodliffe
Design Director at McCann Health
London, Reino Unido
TítuloMark's Story
Campaña Mark's Story
Anunciante GSK Consumer Healthcare
Marca Anoro
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Salud y productos farmacéuticos
Filosofía When it comes to COPD physicians don’t have a benchmark or trigger to change patients’ treatment and rely on patient feedback to confirm their decisions. Often, patients don’t communicate this and so physicians are missing the opportunities to optimally impact the disease.
Research showed that whilst, once physicians understood the data it wasn't compelling, they were really struggling to see how that data linked to patient benefit. It was therefore crucial that the data was presented in a way that made this link much clearer, speaking to the idea of what the impact of the drug truly has for the patient.
To overcome these problems we were asked to create a new digital sales aid for GSK Respiratory Anoro, a drug that treats COPD, which will help the sales rep expand and bring to life the patient's story.
Our solution, rather than having a narrative led by a drugs data, was we created an interactive story told through Mark, a fictional patient, through ‘live’ social media posts.
This allowed us to give a real voice to our COPD patient showing both his fears of the disease and the positive effect of Anoro both emotional and physically.
Data was designed to be in keeping with the overall feel of the sales aid as well as reflecting the events of Marks life.
Resultado By presenting information in a new yet familiar way, and introducing Mark to physicians, we were able to successfully convert what was previously a non-receptive audience, to prescribing Anoro.

Following implementation of this campaign, prescription of Anoro has increased coinciding with Anoro becoming the most prescribed LAMA/LABA combination worldwide at the beginning of 2017.
We don’t have any specific analytics as this is a global piece and data was only collected at a local level.
Medio Televisión
Corporate Name of Client
Pharmaceutical Company
Global Chief Creative Officer
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Chief Creative Officer
Director ejecutivo de creación
Creative Director
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Integrated Delivery Director
Agency Producer
Agency Producer
Creative Artwork
Design Director
Studio Manager


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